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I Drug Screen is the online division of the Nationwide Testing Association, which is a trusted source for FDA-approved drug test kits. We carefully select drug tests from reliable manufacturers, ensuring that they are easy to use and of the highest quality. Our tests are ready to be shipped from our warehouse in Mooresville, NC.

Our Goal

At I Drug Screen, our goal is to offer you high-quality drug screening and testing products that provide accurate and reliable results. We cover a wide range of testing options, including alcohol and banned substances, so you can trust the results from our drug screening products.

Our vision

Our vision is simple: to provide our clients with top-quality products at the best prices while ensuring they have a great customer experience.

The Best Services

We take pride in offering personal service and fast shipping. Whether you have questions about our products, need expedited shipping, or prefer to place an order over the phone, we are always here to assist you. By partnering with the Nationwide Testing Association, we combine their over 40 years of industry expertise with our e-commerce platform.

As a small business, we understand the unique needs of other small businesses. We carry only the best drug screening products suitable for various settings, including workplaces, healthcare facilities, schools, and even veterinarians. Our carefully curated selection makes it easy for you to find the right products accurately.

Why choose I Drug Screen for your drug test kits?

  1. Accurate and Reliable Tests: Our tests have undergone rigorous studies and have shown to be highly accurate, with a range of 96% to 99% accuracy. We ensure that our products have an excellent shelf life, and we monitor expiration dates to guarantee their effectiveness.
  2. Carefully Selected Products: We choose only the highest quality and most in-demand products for workplaces and point-of-care facilities. Our partnerships are with trusted manufacturers, ensuring that the drug screening kits you purchase are the best in the industry.
  3. Help When You Need It: Our team is knowledgeable about drug testing. We have personal experience using the tests we sell, and we can answer your questions via email or phone. We provide excellent personalized service to every customer, and we are here to assist you.

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