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M-Casino.org is the first online casino site that officially concluded rolling agent contracts with each game company from January 1, 2009.

Since January 1, 2009, MCasino officially signed a rolling agent contract with each game company,

We are the first rolling agent online to have a rolling agent contract.

What is a rolling agent? It is a format in which members receive the lowest commission from each game company for their betting amount.

Members’ profits are the profits of our Mcasino.

We will always try to focus on the game with careful betting and the best condition of the members.

In addition, in order to return part of the commission we receive, members can use it directly like cash, and

We are realizing the service as much as possible with points that can use the point usage hall.

Enjoy online casino to the fullest with MCasino

Best solutions and games available

Service that gives maximum satisfaction to customers based on sufficient investment and development for all games

Provides video and game play methods that are optimal for the online game environment

Stable and secure service based on the best technology

Various status systems for providing various services and customer satisfaction

Differentiated service of game

Flash multiplayer with no download required

Stable and secure system for customer satisfaction

Online game operation based on Land Base Casino

Fair game operation in accordance with Landbay City regulations

Providing innovative and unique services

Customer-oriented service

Provides a variety of games to suit the taste of customers

Slot machines and video games with lowest commission rates for maximum payback

Worldwide famous live dealer game offering

Fair and exciting live dealer games are available at the click of a mouse

Provides games using various cards and slot machine games for casinos.

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